What You'll Learn

  • How to do spacing between letters like a real professional (99% of the free YouTube videos there have it wrong)
  • How to create Chancery lettering style with consistency (even if you think your handwriting isn't good enough)
  • How to practice Chancery the right way (most people practice the wrong way resulting in bad habits and inconsistent results!)
  • How to scientifically construct each letter of Chancery so it's perfect every time (a step-by-step technique the real pros know and used to master this art)
  • How to get the perfect start in real-life experience creating calligraphy for yourself and others (6 proven types of projects guaranteed to be the best place to start and boost your confidence!)

Introduction to Calligraphy

64-Page FULLY Illustrated Book now an eBook by a Master Calligrapher!

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