Step into the World of Beautiful Calligraphy:

Transform your Cursive Handwriting into the Ornate Cursive Style!

Dive into the timeless elegance of Ornate Cursive and elevate your penmanship to new heights.

From basic cursive to intricate loops, you will be guided step-by-step to beautify your cursive hand writing to flourishing calligraphy.

Unleash your inner artist and enjoy writing beautifully with every flourishing stroke!

Like a dance on paper!

Learn the Calligraphy Styles that

Diane Foisy serviced these clients...

Impress your loved ones with elegant handwritten messages that will leave them in awe!

Meet Your Teacher

Award winning self taught calligrapher, honoured fine arts graduate, published author, artist and teacher since 1977, is now providing online lessons on how to do calligraphy. You will need to complete her cursive handwriting course first.

"The purpose of teaching Calligraphy is to pass on down the skills to others who share the passion of this artform, so that together, we can keep this art form alive!"

Diane's unique method of teaching has proven results with all of her students. When completing this course, you will be able to do beautiful calligraphy without the use of any guidelines.

Some of the success stories from her students:

I’ve really learned to stop and take my time with calligraphy. This is very enjoyable with the hustle and bustle of life going on around me. Diane has been very patient and understanding with me being a beginner. I find myself leaving class very relaxed!


May 2010

My success is in the handwriting skills that I have learned. It is now my new hobby and my writing is legible. My handwriting has improved considerably. I receive many compliments on my writing. It has become a very relaxing hobby for me.

Manuel L.

March 2016

My journey so far has been one of learning and friendship! Diane is a wonderful human being with a huge heart, and her talent inspires me and motivates me to keep going and achieve my dreams in calligraphy! I am blessed. Thanks Diane


December 2010

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Have Fun learning this beautifully done Ornate Cursive, one step at a time.


Go beyond handwriting cursive and gain confidence as you transform your cursive into the Ornate Cursive Calligraphy style with confidence.


Obtain the skills to be a kickass professional calligrapher - people will come to you for

your skills!

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Take the leap and level up your handwriting skills

into Calligraphy.

This is what my student Jackie from Scotland could do

once she finished the Ornate Cursive Course.

She did all the place seating cards for her daughter's wedding and the addressed envelopes.




This is What one of Diane's Students had to say...

"Calligraphy had appealed to me at an early age and it took me 25 years before I committed to learning and found a teacher who I felt was the right fit to teach me. Working with Diane did not disappoint. Her technique, attention to detail, encouragement and patience made learning easy and fun. I feel confident and inspired to pick up my pen and create the beautiful art form that is calligraphy. I would not hesitate in working with Diane again to further learn or in recommending her for calligraphy projects. Her work is beautiful and of the highest quality!?"

Fazeena H.

July 2016

What's Included with your course...

  • Bonus: You will receive traceable worksheets
  • Bonus: LIFETIME ACCESS to the lessons
  • You must have done the Cursive Handwriting Course before doing this course
  • This course takes you from Cursive Handwriting and raises the skills to a Competent Calligrapher
  • 6 recorded videos; audio instructions; worksheets for each technique
  • I can promise you that your learning experience will be so well broken down into such baby steps that it will be fun and easy to do. Before you know it....

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Ornate Cursive Course!

Elevate your Cursive to Calligraphy!

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