Here you will learn the fundamentals of calligraphy. THE BASICS 

How to hold the pen; how to make good nib contact on the page; the direction of the nib to get the ink flowing; basic stroke techniques; and how to quality check that you're doing each and every step properly.
This course includes 7 lessons
7 videos demonstrating how each step is done.  7 worksheets for you to follow, that were demonstrated by the teacher in each video. 
PRACTICE is the key to success. 
These basics are vital for the rest of your calligraphy learning experience!

Once you're done this course, you will be ready to learn the more advanced techniques, that will be released in the following courses.
Diane Foisy
Award winning self taught calligrapher, published author, artist and teacher since 1977, is now providing online lessons on how to do calligraphy with her easy step by step methods of teaching. The purpose of teaching Calligraphy is to pass on down the baton to others, to keep this art form alive! Diane's unique method of teaching results in the ability to do calligraphy and in a straight line, without the use for lines or guidelines!!! 
Here's What You Get:
  7 Lessons               (Valued at $360)
  7 Videos                 (Valued at $350)
  7 Worksheets         (Valued at $360)
  FREE Private Facebook group with like minded calligraphers.
 Worksheets valued at $50 each  (Valued at $350)
  Private help with me personally by email . (Valued at $960)
Your Cost Today:
Only $197 $97 USD
 "A great place to start.

This course is a great place to start if you're new to doing calligraphy. This course will teach you how to properly hold a calligraphy pen and perform various strokes correctly. Even though I have practiced by myself for a long time, I still found some of the information quite useful. This lesson is nice and easy to digest. 

—Dallin Woolf

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