Introduction To Calligraphy,

The Art of Beautiful Penmanship

Imagine putting that nib on the page and creating that first stroke.

It is very therapeutic doing calligraphy.

When you practice for hours, the world disappears. 😲

If you have the desire to learn, Diane will teach you how in this book.

What You'll Learn

  • How to do spacing between letters like a real professional? (many demonstrations out there have it wrong)

  • How to create Chancery lettering style with consistency? (calligraphy done with a broad edged nib has nothing to do with handwriting skills)

  • How to practice Chancery the right way? (most people practice the wrong way resulting in bad habits and pens not cooperating)

  • How to scientifically construct each letter of Chancery so it's perfect every time? (a step-by-step technique that is easy to learn and fun to do, making you look like a pro)

  • How to get the perfect start in real-life experience creating calligraphy for yourself and others? (Imagine writing a letter to your love one, or someone's name...this will wow them!)

64-Page FULLY Illustrated Book

25 years in the making

  • Embrace the confidence calligraphy will provide for you!

  • Practicing pen & nib onto paper gives one such a calming effect!

  • There's some real magic that takes place when you experience it!

  • In a world of speed, this slows you down completely in order for the ink to flow out of your pen onto the paper.

  • It is very relaxing to practic pen and paper, no matter what symbol you are doing

Master Calligrapher

Diane Foisy

Diane Foisy has taught thousands of students, since 1977 at a university level for typography, college level for graphic arts, workshops, and private lessons teaching students how to do calligraphy and the fundamentals of typography.

In this book you get a great overview of the history of calligraphy, an interesting read.

You get how to take care of your pens, and how to get your pen prepared to start.

In the book Diane breaks down each letter showing you where to begin and the direction to take your nib to create the full letter.

Beginning with The Basics. This is the foundation for all broad edge nibs lettering style.

Her unique step-by-step methods of teaching, makes learning EASY and FUN to do.

Diane transformed her published book into this digital format making it easier for you to have.

Author's Note:

"I wrote this book so that I could help as many people as possible, who have the desire to learn calligraphy, no matter where they are located. The purpose of teaching Calligraphy is to pass the baton down to others, for generations to come, so that together we can keep this art form alive!"

Learning is fun and easy to do.

If you have always wanted to learn how to do calligraphy, get this book 👇🏻

Take A Sneak Peek

on what this book has to offer you...

Here Are Some Of The Goodies...

  • What Is Calligraphy? Pg 8

"Greek Word Kalos Which Means....

  • History Of Calligraphy Pg 9

"It Can Be Said That The Art Of Calligraphy Has Been Developing Since The Beginnings Of...

  • Equipment - Care Of Your Pens And Nibs Pg 19

"Before You Begin, Be Sure To Have At Hand Your Calligraphy Pen Along With...

  • The Basic Strokes Pg 20

"Beginning Strokes Are Best To Learn On Unlined Paper To Start With..."

  • Chancery Style Pg 24

"I Will Show You How To Construct Each Letter By Breaking It Down Into Individual Strokes..."

  • Spacing Pg 42

"We'll Move On To Putting The Letters Together To Form Words. To Do This Well, You Need To Look At..."

  • Notecards Pg 46

"They Can Be Used To Give Any Occasion That Special Elegance..."

  • Decorative Wine Bottle Tags Pg 48

"These Make Excellent Personalized Holiday Gifts Or Hostess Gifts, Or Can Be Used To Acknowledge Any Celebration By Placing Your Own Message On The Tags..."

  • Invitations & Envelopes Pg 50

"To Create Invitations, Practice Your Message On A Separate Piece Of Paper..."

  • Tags & Labels Pg 52

Once You Have Established How The Name Done In Calligraphy Will Look On A Separate Sheet, You Will Know Where To Place The Words..."

  • Framed Quotes Pg 54

"Once The Body Of The Text Is Done, You Can See Where To Extend Strokes..."

  • Illumination Pg 56

"The Monks In The Monasteries Added Illuminated Art To Their...

  • Design Templates Pg 58

"I Have Included Some Design Templates for you to trace..."

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