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Reconnect With Your Inner Ability To Do Beautiful Calligraphy

Introduction to Calligraphy

The Art of Beautiful Penmanship

NOW AVAILABLE in English, French and Italian!!!

Originally published in English,

Introduction to Calligraphy,

The Art of Beautiful Penmanship

Diane shares her proven step-by-step method to learn Calligraphy using a broad edged nib. She teaches in the book, as if the student was right beside her.

Broad Edge Nib Courses

Calligraphy Basics

Learn the foundations of calligraphy

like how to use a broad edge nib,

how to get the ink to flow and

how to create the basic strokes

Art of Calligraphy

Go from a Beginner

to a Competent Calligrapher

with 14 easy to follow along videos, traceable worksheets & community

Pointy Nib Courses (Cursive Styles)

Cursive Handwriting

Experience the joy of writing with the therapeutic fluidity of pen on paper.

Ornate Cursive (Copperplate)

Unleash your creativity and learn Ornate Cursive (Copperplate) to transform your writing into a visual masterpiece.

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Know someone passionate about calligraphy? Looking for a source to teach them?

This gift certificate is the perfect solution to introduce any of our lessons.

What they will get:

1. Lifetime access to any course they choose

2. Video and audio instructions by Diane

3. Comprehensive traceable worksheets

The recipient will have all the tools necessary to excel in calligraphy.

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